Tuesday, 5 August 2008

It's not rigged, it's not rigged..

I know it's not rigged, intellectually I know anyway, however spiritually you'd bleedin well think it was after the run I've been on after a run of winning days recently. Anyway, if anything is rigged it's not the poker sites, it's me.. I'm a bok. Bella the Bok. No matter what site I play on I'm just getting savaged.. you've not (well I'm sure you have if you've played as long) seen suckouts like it. Ill-inducing they are. Infact I was sick all of yesterday and I'm like 90+% sure it was bad beat induced. :-P

Loads of people I know are off to a poker festival next week and I wanted to win enough to be able to go and play, but the way I'm running now it doesn't seem very likely. :-( (Anyone wanna back me for it.. 50/50 and I'll get you an autographed picture of me and Annette 15? Quite an offer I'm sure you'll agree. Teeheehee. Or just Annette if you prefer.).

In other exciting news, I went to see Sex and the City the other day and have found a new favourite celeb in Samantha.. chuh forget Britney the loon.. Samantha is quality. Made me laugh loads. Besides the laughing I pretty much cried from opening credits to ending... nothing make me tearful more than a happy ending.. awwwwwwwwww.. 'cept for when Jack dies in Titanic. V v bad indeed.

Start university in 6 and a half weeks. That's something to vaguely look forward to I suppose. Still waiting to hear about accommodation.. fingers crossed for the en-suite!


Au reviour mon amis.

Ps read Russell Brand's 'My Bookie-Wook'.. it's ace. (Unless you don't like Russell.. but what kind of person doesn't like Russell Brand? A bizarro one, that's what.)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I'm going to play big(ish) MTT every day this week

Turns out there was a tourney on Tuesday - played that but got nowhere

Just came 4th for $2200 in a 121 runner mtt. Feel sick :( AJ vs AQ bb vs sb against v aggressive chip leader. What can ya do. :(

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick though I suppose.

Sunday played 100k gtd .. top 20 from 475
Monday played 30k gtd.. top 20 from 180
Tuesday.. oh, darn, there isn't one tonight.. tis ok, I'll play cash instead

Chuh thinking I should have checked the schedule before starting this update.

Anyhoo... any more top 20-ing and no final tabling shall result in lots of 'grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ing'.

Going to go get lunch now


Wednesday, 25 June 2008


I've finished college. Hurrah - this is like the first time I've ever completed anything, ever! :-P :-D 4th time is a charm.


What do I do with the next 3 months?

Monday, 23 June 2008

Massive improvement in standard since the old days

No, not me.. if anything I've gotten worse.. however..

Observation of the year (lol); Sngs used to be so much easier but now everybody just operates the same strategy.. ie play uber tight at the beginning before shoving when the blinds get big. So rare you get a total maniac who just comes in game after game and 'donates' (i hate that word) like they used to back in the day. Was speaking to someone the other day who says all the players he knows who used to be big winners are now just rakeback kings who are passing money back and forth between themselves and their opponents all the time. So it'd seem that even more than ever before, discipline and immene BRM are imperative to becoming a long term winner. (At the stakes I'm playing at least). Zzzzz :( . . Still I spose its better than a summer job in some crappy shop. Obviously this improvement is totally unsurprising, seeing as the poker boom has calmed down now and the amount of new players will have decreased.. and also the majority of losing players will have probably stopped playing. Bring back the bad maniacs, imo.

Whilst I'm waiting to sort myself out a new Betfair account - tis proving a right pain the arse for me to deposit due to proving my age or some lark - I'm trying to play all properly and successfully on low stake sngs using the $200 I've got in Ladbrokes. Played 6 so far today.. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, lost a HU to someone who was getting smacked in the face with the deck, 1st and 6th currently still in-play... Meh coulda got off to a better start.. could have been worse too I suppose. Nice... just lost the 6th to a 3 outer on the turn. Marvy.

Ps how much has Betfair signing not only Annette (19) but also Mikka (23) spurred me onto wanting to become a high roller. Raaaaaaa :-)

OK In past two days - tis Wednesday - I've played 19 sngs

Won 8
Second in 4
Third in 4
4th in 2
And just had my AA busted on the river vs a dude with T7 on a T9Q3 board and came 5th. Woo.

Slowly but surely increasing my bank :-) ... painfully slowly some may say but whatever.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Friday, 13 June 2008

.. this is ze plan..

Once I've finished college I am gonna have loads of free time and therefore more time to play poker. Ie I won't be spending my afternoons either too tired to play properly or days off catching up on work I've left till the last minute. (Well impressed myself by finishing my 3000 word research project 4 days before the deadline though.. I am an UBERGEEK). So anyhoo, as I was saying, I finish soon, only a presentation, an exam and and essay to go, and then I have all of summer til I start uni towards the end of September. So what I'm gonna do is one of those proper blog type efforts like I see on other people's. Where they have like their bankroll and then they comment on how much they're up or down every few days or whatever. Seeing as I won't be working over summer, *chuh - as if :P* cept for maybe mowing the lawn for a reasonable fee.. That's what I had to do last summer at one point - grr.. anyhoo that is a tangent, back on topic.. I spose I'll try make it my main source of income.. (read; only source of earned income). Yars so that's the plan. I'm writing this up here to make sure I remember that this is my plan once I've finished college incase I forget and do something crazy like take up knitting or something to pass the time.

I have a busy weekend coming up, am meeting some irish dude tonight to get my treasured privilege card back, he clearly stole it from me that night I thought it'd be a good idea to have races and get on random buses etc... Jolly good thing people have consciences! Infact that reminds me of the time of my 'friend' blatantly stole my diamond ring which I got for my 18th which belonged to my great grandma, but then had an attack of conscience (or was worried when I told her I was gonna check out pawn shops) and 'found' it on my bedroom floor.. Then on Sat I've my best friends 21st. Wooooo.

So anyway I spose I'd better go do some handwashing ( washing machine is broken ) and other household chores. Tooooodles :)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I have a cough in the middle of summer and I can't win a hand for love nor money. What a marvy day. Can't even enjoy a good daytime snooze either, earlier on I dreamt I was getting attacked in Vegas. Chuh, hurumph, grrr.

Hmm am winning on the day now but forced to play boringly low :( ... them's the breaks I suppose.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Aww I just found out my pal is back from Australia after 7 months travelling.. I'm really pleased! Haven't seen him for aaaaaaaages. :-) :-)

Went away for a few days last week before going to my cousin's wedding. They made me do a ceilidh..! Tis like some crazy celtic dance where you have to skip around doing circle of 8s and clapping your hands etc. Obv I pulled it off in style *cough*... couldn't stop laughing at all.

Gonna be busy next 4 weeks before the end of term, well I can finish before then if only I get myself in gear... have quite a few things to do and will end up leaving myself only 2 days to them no doubt.. Imagine being one of those organised people, would be ace.

STILL got no poker updates, tis weird I seem to be really busy at the mo and not really having time to play very much, will have even less time with all the work I gotta do. Will defo play tonight though unless I go and watch the new Sex and the City film.

KP showed me a poker article ages ago which I really wanna read again and post up here to see what other people think. I shall get onto finding it.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Blah blah blah..

Bonjourno mon amis,

Anyhoo I haven't updated for a while I know but that's as I've not been playing very much poker at all and I feel seely updating just to fill people in on what I've been up to as unless you know me personally you probably won't be interested and if you do know me personally then you'll probably already know. Omg, I'm out of breath just reading that sentence back in my head.

However.. e-way I shall update on some drunken debauchary tales for you at some point if you like.. Actually, I took an impromptu tour of London on Sunday night after the club had shut by deciding it'd be a good idea to get on the first bus from Trafalgar Square that came along with some Random Loon I'd acquired earlier on during the evening.. As you do. Ended up in Camden (I wanted to go to Hampstead Heath to see where my favourite gayalist - George Michael - was busted though instead) where the RL met a Somalian who then taxi'd us to some other London destination but I can't remember where atm. All clubs and pubs were shut so I bought some ridiculous ovepriced drink and food from a German Sausage Lady, then got locked in a pub and won a 20 metre sprint vs RL (I suspect he might have let me win) before heading off to get on several tubes. Finally arrived home at about 9am, soaked and knackered after having fallen asleep on the train and missing my stop. Hurrah!

I'll try win a decent MTT this evening so that I've got some poker related news to put on here.


Ps college is great.. so many holidays.. tis half term again already :-D

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Gets in the way of alot doesn't it? All this lark about swallowing it, but what if you do and it results in a big old bruised ego? But then if you let it get in the way too much then you'll never know what might have happened if you'd not let pride get in the way. I'm always deciding to stop letting pride restrict me so much but I never stick to it. I suppose the opposite of being prideful is being brave.... or, in some situations, being pathetic and getting walked all over. Is this called being melancholy? I'm not sure.. I shall investigate.

Hmm 'melancholy'
a gloomy state of mind, esp. when habitual or prolonged; depression.
sober thoughtfulness; pensiveness.

Aah close enough!

Ps check out the song of summer.. by Alphabeat called 10000 Nights. I love the crazy Danish loons.

Pps cracked on the smoking front today.. had just over half a Marlboro Light.. Still, good to have at least cut down.

Pps don't you think people who say 'but hey' are idiots? For example if someone sends you a drunken embarrassing text whilst they're out, then the next day texts saying 'Good morning, I remember texting you last night and being a loser but hey I was drunk, so there you go' etc. Certified idiots. Take it from me, the connoisseur of all things cool. ;-)